Copeland Hermetic Condensing Units


Air Coolers


BOYARD Vertical Rotary Compressor


Semi Closed Comperssor


External Rotor Aixal Fan for Condenser


SADK Series Drying Filters


2-pole Switching Relay


Hard Start Kits

TH-C-203 Water Heater Thermostat  
Refrigeration Compressor Oil
Cycloalkyl Refrigeration Oil GS Series
  Refrigeration Tubes   Aluminum Openable,but Without Filter AGF-F
Manual Single/Double Stage Vacuum Pump   4 Port Refrigerant Recovery Machine  
Premium Ratcheting Tube Bender
with Reverse Bend
Air Conditioning Refrigerant
Manifold Pressure Gauge MB-81360AE


LONG TERM is your great source for HVAC equipment and parts.

Founded in 2003 in Ningbo, LONG TERM ELEC. CO., LTD. is a leading company with decades of experience in the fields of HVAC and electrical supplies, and also a trusted agent of many Chinese vendors & factories.

We provide an expansive collection of well-designed and premium quality parts and accessories such as refrigerants, compressors, motors, transformers, etc. at competitive prices to make your business simple successful and sustainable.

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